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Qualisys unveils mocap’s most versatile camera with the Oqus 6+

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2018 15:42 GMT

The newest addition to the Oqus Collection (pictured left) proves that you can capture anywhere without breaking the bank.

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 24, 2018 – Qualisys, the leading provider of research grade motion capture technology, has launched a new addition to its Oqus camera line by introducing the Oqus 6+.

For over a decade, the Oqus has been globally recognized in the motion capture industry for its robust and versatile design. It was the first optical motion capture camera to penetrate the sunlight and track motion outdoors. IP67 hardware and covered housing protects the technology from wet and cold environmental conditions and the Oqus remains to be the only motion capture camera with the ability to perform captures when fully submerged in water.

With a resolution of up to 12 million pixels and frequencies of up to 1100 frames per second, the Oqus 7+ had set the bar high when first released into the market in 2014. As competitors attempted to surpass its specifications, developers at Qualisys were doing the opposite by bringing a more attainable camera to the market for those who do not have the budget for the most premium features and specifications.

“The Oqus 6+ will fill a void,” noted US Support Engineer and Training Manager, Marisa Theroux-Jones. The engineer herself is onsite for all installations in North America and is there to observe the needs of each customer.

“I'm always impressed with the capabilities of the Oqus 7+,” she continued, “but for some labs, it's simply overkill. The Oqus 6+ will be a high-end camera that is more suitable for traditional motion capture labs. It will fill that space where a lab wants high-resolution and a fast capture rate without needing the full-scale of our highest model.”

The company describes its new Oqus 6+ as Swedish Perfection, Lagom Price, which appropriately translates from Swedish as, “Not too little, not too much. Just right.” By filling that void in the market, the Oqus 6+ is truly making the Oqus camera the most versatile in the motion capture industry.

Oqus 6 Availability

The Oqus 6+ is available for immediate purchase, contact your local Qualisys sales representative or for more information or visit

Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements. Qualisys offers a wide range of products and services and has offices in Gothenburg, Chicago and Shanghai.

Our customers are found in the biomechanical research, sports biomechanics and medical sectors. Our systems are also used for engineering and specialized industrial purposes.

Qualisys is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and compliant with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, which demonstrates our commitment to provide highest possible quality products and services to our customers. The certifications reflect our ongoing investment in technology, process and people.

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