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Motion Capturing and Eye Tracking Combined

Press Release   •   Mar 16, 2016 09:57 GMT

Motion-capturing systems from Qualisys now support eye trackers from Ergoneers

Gothenburg – March 16, 2016.

Qualisys, the manufacturer of motion-capturing systems, is now working more closely with Ergoneers, vendor of a complete software and hardware platform for behavioral research. Ergoneers Eye Tracker DIkablis Professional are integrated directly into the Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) motion-capturing software. The combined analysis of eye and body movements is used in sport, in research and in the medical field and enables a closer analysis of the sequences of human movement thanks to the greater number of measuring factors.

Motion capturing is a method of tracking in which complex sequences of human movement are registered using markers fitted to the body and translated into an extremely accurate, computer-generated 3D wire-frame model. 

These data enable conclusions to be drawn about sequences of human movements. For example, work processes in industry can be analyzed and designed to be more efficient, or orthopedic conditions can be better diagnosed in the medical field. The TU Munich, for example, uses combined motion capturing and eye-tracking solutions from Qualisys and Ergoneers in the field of human robot interaction.

How It Works: Motion Capturing and Dikablis Eye Tracking  

Ergoneers registers eye positions using its D-Lab eye-tracking software and passes these to the Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) via the standard software interface (relay function in DLab). The data are then represented as vectors in a 3D view (see purple arrow in picture 1) that move in real time in the depth of space depending on the position of the eyes.

“The integration of our powerful eye-tracking solutions into the motion-capturing systems from Qualisys takes the analysis of human behavior to a whole new level. Motion-capturing methods usually only translate the movement of human joints and some facial data. Including eye-tracking data, however, adds a further important component of analysis. After all, the human eye is the most important sensory organ,” explains Günter Fuhrmann, Chief Operating Officer at Ergoneers.

„Naturally, eye tracker data can be plotted just like any other data type in QTM. Besides visualisation, gaze vector data can be exported to tsv, MATLAB or be gathered by external via the real-time streaming protocol.” Both Oqus and the brand new camera platform Miqus can be used. says Mats Kanarbik, Market Director at Qualisys.

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Qualisys is a leading global provider of products and services based on optical motion capture. The core technology of Qualisys products has been developed in Sweden since 1989 with the experienced Qualisys staff creating a unique platform for optical motion capture, built to both medical and industrial standards. Our vision is to be the world’s preferred partner in creating performance-enhancing motion capture solutions, through technical excellence. 

Our optical motion capture solution is used daily all over the world. It enables the capture of motion that would be difficult to measure in other ways, particularly within the biomechanics and industrial segments. Our offer comprises both hardware and software. 

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