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Qualisys Sports Performance Opens Their First Branded RunLAB in America

News   •   Jan 26, 2017 13:01 GMT

Skyros Sport hosts the grand opening of their RunLAB inviting the community of Doral to participate in the excitement.

The night of January 25, 2017 was filled with reporters, conversation, and awe as the community of Doral, Florida witnessed the grand opening of the first American Salming RunLAB™ powered by Qualisys at Skyros Sport. The evening involved a champagne toast celebrating the RunLAB as the members of Qualisys hosted a live demonstration featuring local triathlete, Armando Diaz. 

 A year after launching its newest camera platform, the portable and affordable Miqus, and introducing the running retail world to motion capture through the Running Analysis Concept, Qualisys Sports Performance is opening America's first Salming RunLAB ™.

Qualisys Sports Performance provides new and exciting business opportunities for retailers and small businesses with a strong running culture; The science is still at the heart of it, making the system a valid research tool as well.

It's a given that improving your running technique will enable you to run faster with less effort, but validated research shows that "Developing a better running stride mechanics and neuromuscular control is shown to be effective in preventing injury" ( Runners' World ).

Partnered with Salming, the Swedish based running shoe and apparel company, Qualisys has dedicated the last year to Improving the performance of runners on a global scale while introducing them to the pure biomechanics that the 3D Running Analysis offers.

Qualisys' RunLAB facilities exist on a global scale

When the partnership began in Gothenburg, Sweden, both the Swedish companies, Qualisys AB and Salming AB  teamed up to build the first Salming RunLAB ™ in August 2015.

"We have now proof that both Salming Running, Salming RunLAB and our retail concept is here to stay," says Tomas Solin, Salming CEO.

And it is indeed as the concept spreads from Sweden to its neighboring European countries, and now across the Atlantic to North American running retail store, Skyros Sports.

Skyros Sports offers America's first

Skyros Sports, the official clothing brand for the national team of Venezuela at 2016 Olympics, debuted in July 2016 with a store in the center of the City of Doral, Miami-Dade County.

Manager Marina Mangupli and her husband Alejandro Lataczewski started their business development 20 years ago as they explored the Venezuelan textile industry. Since then, their sports brand has grown to become the official brand of Venezuelan National Team, supplying uniforms and products for sports disciplines such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and rugby.

Skyros' Downtown Doral location is their first in the United States as they hold locations in Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Ordaz, and a future location at Maiquetía International Airport just outside of Caracas, Venezuela.

The couple foresees continued success with the help of the RunLAB as Mangupli admitted, "We anticipate continued strong growth in the area and are very pleased to be a part of it while presenting the RunLAB to the Doral City Center residents."

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